Best T Shirts For The Beach

Best T Shirts For The Beach

Hello in this blog we will be talking about what the best t shirts to wear on the beach its very hot this summer so you want to make sure you have on the right clothes to keep you cool.

#1 Linen T- Shirts linen is light weight material dry's quickly and is extremely breathable what makes it perfect for the beach.

#2 Floral Shirts floral shirts are bold colorful and loose not only can you wear them at the beach you also can wear them on other occasions such on a date.

#3 Tank Tops tank tops are probably one of the best options to wear on the beach besides no shirt just make sure put sun screen on your shoulder's to avoid getting burned.

#4 Cotton T Shirts Cotton t shirts is one of the best fabrics to wear on the beach not only is it cheap but its good for for hot weather cotton is soft light weight and soaks up sweat.

#5 Rayon T Shirts rayon is a cheaper alterative to silk it has thin fibers witch prevents from sticking to the skin its cool and comfortable to wear.

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