How To Start A Streetwear Brand

How To Start A Streetwear Brand

How to start a streetwear brand

Starting a streetwear brand can be fun and exited but there's a lot of competition

so you want to make sure you stand out in a crowded industry. Brain storm some names for your streetwear brand then figure out what business model you want to use like print on demand were you don't have to hold any invertor or buying inventory and shipping your clothes yourself. 

You can order whole sale blanks and take them to your local screen printing shop

Now after you came up with a name and business model you want to look for designers you can designers on sites like fiverr and upwork foe low cost.

Next what you want to do is create a website you can use a platform like shopify which they give you a lot of tools to help you build a nice website. Then make a Facebook and Instagram page to help build your brand on social media you want make sure you are uploading good quality images. You want to be very active on social media use up to date hash tags so people can find you.

Then you want to run Facebook ads to drive traffic into your website.

These are few tips you can use to get start your streetwear brand

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